Off to College Then!

August 16, 2017


Well, not exactly. 


See, I already did the big family goodbye party with hugs and cries and kisses about a year and a half ago when I first moved to LA. This time it's a little different.


For starters, I am going to a real college, which you know, fun! And secondly, I already live on my own, so there aren't really any big emotional moments for me to sniffle my way through this time, it's just, packing. Quiet, lonesome, time consuming packing. Really my only, my only holdup so far has been that Laguna Beach is going to be a much smaller town, so there's provably not going to be to much to do.


Having said that, who cares? 


I'm moving to the beach! My dorm is a literal 10 minute walk from the ocean, I'm going to go to an actual art college, I'm going to have roommates (3 of them) which I would seriously take over my current living situation any day. Some of you provably don't know this, but living alone is extremely boring. I mean, sure, I can eat a whole tub of chocolate chip ice cream for breakfast and no one will stop me (or even judge me), but that also means there's no one to talk to, ever.


You wake up alone, you have breakfast alone, you go through your day and then you come home, alone. 


Just take it from me guys, if you ever find yourself having entire conversations with Netflix, it's time to get a roommate.


So yeah, I'm a little behind schedule, because again, living alone also means that you can spend a whole week binge watching "How to Get Away With Murder" and no one will care, so now I'm a whole week behind on everything else I was supposed to be doing. As a matter of fact, I'm moving out (and into the new dorms) on Saturday! but I need to have everything packed and organized by Thursday, because that's when my dad gets here to help me with the moving!


Just, wish me luck I guess! And I'll try to keep you updated on life at the new campus.


Have a wonderful week everyone!

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