“A nervous apprentice must face off against a powerful priest of darkness

in order to save the Equinox and bring balance back to the world” 

These are some working storyboard sequences from my Senior Thesis at Laguna College of Art + Design. The animated short will be fully ideated, boarded, and animated by me across four semesters, debuting in Spring 2022.

All Men are Pigs

An unofficial animatic for Studio Killers' 2013 single "All Men are Pigs".

Character designs and art direction by myself purely for the fun of it and for my love of their music!


"In an ill-conceived attempt to keep his family safe from the crime wave that's struck Palacios City, Javi -a kind-hearted teenage boy- joins a dangerous, clandestine game that promises to turn him into the superhero he always wanted to be".

CLIQUE is a personal project I enjoy working on and developing.


"An uptight health inspector bites off more than he can chew when he inspects a restaurant run by demons."


Our final class project for Animation 3 at Laguna College of Art + Design! Boarded, designed, animated, and colored within about 8 weeks during the Fall 2019 semester.


Animatic Reels