Xem From Underground


“An anxious med student is dragged into the ridiculous world of secret monster societies and the nefarious humans obsessed with destroying them when she receives a mysterious amulet that binds her soul with that of the smuggest, brattiest, annoying-est monster prince you wished you never met."


Up top: A grand introduction to the ROARING world of Underground! Welcome to the Main Market, the bubbling, buzzing, positively sizzling main hub of activity down here in Underground.


Come on down fellas! Fresh options! Good prices! No refunds.

Come along and meet some of our finest vendors. Go ahead. I mean, they bite, but you're always welcome to bite them back!


Here we are, up close and personal to watch some of the perfectly regular activities one might witness while visiting at Underground.

It's ok dear, she already knows she's fabulous.

Lady C is a cool, calculating socialite that will charm and outwit herself out of any situation. Of course, it's still helpful to keep a scapegoat nearby, just in case.

From the top of her class straight to the bottom of the food chain...

Leena is a med student so tightly wound she's bound to explode any day now. She constantly gives a 100% to everything she does, which might explain why she's constantly running on empty.

Hear ye! Hear ye! Hereby comes the banished monster prince!

This is Xem, a loudmouth, snarky little brat with some serious anger issues who never figured out when to shut up and DEFINITELY needs to hear the word "no" more often.

The Wymrad